The Pillar System is unlike any other training and seminar program in the industry. Our approach broadens product confidence, details marketing, sales, and client service processes and teaches a results-transforming shift in perspective we call, The Seven-Figure Mindset. Using a secure, online training platform, we provide hundreds of videos, tools, and resources to enhance learning.

PILLAR ONE: The Seven-Figure Mindset


In Pillar One, you will learn how to shift your mindset from products to solutions, from sales to service, and from scarcity to growth. We teach the foundational thinking of the industry’s most successful financial professionals and the skills to transform your career.


  • 7-Figure Mindset Best Practices Guide
  • Storytelling Tools
  • Value Creation Roadmap

PILLAR TWO: The Prospect Generator


Driving new client opportunity is a key skill mastered by the top producers. We’ll provide an entire toolkit of proven best practices, resources, and step-by-step guidance to drive your results.


  • Prospecting 101 Guide
  • Elevator Pitch Tool
  • Center of Influence
  • Marketing Kit
  • Cross Selling Guide

PILLAR THREE: The Seminar Breakthrough


Pillar Three focuses on one of the most successful of all lead generation tactics – our game-changing client Seminar. This robust training includes everything you’ll need to fill seats, deliver an impressive seminar, and convert those prospects to happy clients.


  • Seminar Marketing Toolkit
  • Project Planning Roadmap
  • Complete Seminar Power Point with Scripts
  • Virtual Coaching Playbook
  • Follow-Up and Close Materials

PILLAR FOUR: The Fact-Finder


In the fourth module of the series, we train you to conduct a high-close-ratio client meeting. This unique process builds trust, positions you as a trusted advisor, and improves conversion ratios.


  • The PILLAR Fact Finder
  • Meeting Success Roadmap I
  • Meeting Success Toolkit
  • Virtual Coach Playbook
  • Financial Inventory Builder and Guide

PILLAR FIVE: The Power Close


In Pillar Five, we guide you through a carefully designed meeting structure to review client goals, outline solutions, and drive towards a favorable outcome for agent and client alike. We provide the framework and entire toolset to ensure your success.


  • Meeting Success Roadmap II
  • Meeting Success Toolkit
  • Illustrations Resource Kit
  • Overcoming Objections Guide

PILLAR SIX: The Client Multiplier


Uncommon outcomes are the byproduct of uncommon actions and activities. In this final module, you’ll learn how to transform customers into lifelong clients, drive referrals, and shatter your expectations for growth.


  • Client event guide
  • Semi-annual review script and agenda
  • Financial Inventory Review
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Referral Success Guide
  • Educational correspondence